About Us

Sempco began in 1971 and was formed with a few basic principles and strategies that have
been adhered to over the years which have enabled the company to experience continued
success. Those few principles and strategies are: 1) Everything you do, do it with honesty
and integrity. 2) If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right the first time. 3) If you do a
better and more thorough job than the competition the customer will notice and will be
willing to pay fair prices for that "higher level" of service.
As a result of following these basic ideas, Sempco has grown into
one of the largest Independent X-Ray Companies in South Texas.
In the early days and up until about a decade ago most of the
competition was from other independent companies. Today there
are few such independents in our territories because nationally
operated organizations have bought them up or closed them
down. We are still not real sure why some facilities do business
with a company whose decisions are made elsewhere in the
country such as Florida or California and where upper
management doesn't even know who their customers are. We
have made it our mission to remain independent and always be
the true "local" choice to do business with.
To our valued customers; we thank you for your business and continued support of our
company.  To those who are considering giving us the opportunity to do business with
them; we promise that you will always get more than what you pay for with Sempco.  We
know when your equipment needs repair that your ability to provide patient care and
generate revenue is hindered so we can be available the same day you need us ... not days
later like the way some of our competitors treat their customers.
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Superior Economic Medical Products Company, Inc.
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